Friday, June 21, 2013

Take the Risk

So I love paddling.  Love it!  I planned this trip out for my birthday thinking I would get a large group of women to go.  I invited more than is wise thinking that people would have commitments and have to cancel.  That's exactly what happened and it got down to 2 people and myself.

Taking the Risk moving away from my home state to another one...6 years ago on my birthday I married this handsome man.  Thankful for our journey together!
I really didn't know either well.  I just knew their names.  They didn't know each other at all.  But as we talked I realized the common threads that were woven between our stories.  In a few hours, we shared thoughts, stories, feelings, and emotions that will not be posted here out of respect to them and myself.

What I want to post is how important for us to reach out of our comfort zone and take the risk.  Take the risk of making a new friend and meeting a new person.  Take the risk of sharing a little more about yourself and taking off the mask of a "perfect" life.  When I do take that risk...I'm so much more free.  I don't have to live under the fascade that I don't make mistakes and that my life if perfect.  I can live under the truth that I'm me and it's enough and it's great.

Before I left, I'll admit, I told my Handsome Hubby, "I'm a bit nervous.  I hope we find stuff to talk about.  I know it will be good but I'm nervous."  He smiled, kissed me and said, "Go have fun.  It will be great."  He was right.

Three women who didn't know each other very well (other than names) went paddling today.  We took the risk.  It was freeing.  Happy Birthday to me!  :-)  Now go do something for yourself...even if it's not your birthday.

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