Daily Eating

Step one...this was a tough one for me.  Cut out processed carbs and sugars unless it's fruit.  Even then reduce your fruit intake to 3 or 4 pieces a day.  Sugar causes inflammation.  Inflammation contributes to everything from obesity, heart disease, arthritis, colitis, allergies, headaches, the list goes on and on.  I am not a medical expert.  I just read a lot of medical and health postings and the common thread throughout is that inflammation is a MAJOR cause of the health problems we see in today's world.  Reduce inflammation.  Reduce health problems.  One of the main sources of inflammation...sugar.  Not just the sugar in sweets...the sugar spikes that come from eating processed foods.  We didn't come into the world that way.  We aren't built to eat all this boxed stuff.   Thousands of years ago they didn't have it and our bodies are constantly telling us something is wrong.  Stop your addiction to the carb cycle.

Don't do it just for you.  Do it for your entire family.  Reclaim your life.

I've heard the excuses...

"My kids won't go for it."  "My husband loves his dessert."  "It's too much work."  "It costs too much."

I have an answer for each...

"Your kids will eat when they're hungry."  "You can still make sweet desserts with fruit."  "It's more work to be unhealthy and be stuck in the hospital or doctor's offices."  "It costs more to pay medical bills."