Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sometimes I just miss my granola...

Sometimes I just miss my granola.  I never was much of a cereal person.  Perhaps, it was because of my gluten and lactose intolerance.  It was like feeding a beast and making it grow larger until it overtook me.

Granola on the other hand with a bit of almond still my heart!  So now as we're on a majority grain free diet and I'm reaping health benefits from it I don't want to go back.  Yet...sometimes I miss my granola.

So today's recipe is from a blog Our Full Plate.  I stayed true to their recipe but will try to tweak it next time.  It is good.  Plain and simple.   It took minimal prep and minimal cook time.  It's not as crunchy as I wanted once dried so I did bake it a little extra but be careful so you don't burn it.  I plan on adding some dried goji berries when I eat it or fresh fruit and unsweetened almond milk.

So I'm going to have to try it again along with many other paleo granola recipes in my quest for the perfect one.  If you're missing the cereal or granola.  Try this.  Enjoy!

Oh...and Happy Mother's Day to the all the mama's out there.

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