Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Living in the NOW

Just 7 days until my next cardiology appointment.  11 days until my 1 year anniversary of the heart attack.  I still have days when I don't want to work out and want to eat any and every piece of junk food possible.  Then I think about my quality of life now and I look at my husband and sons and know that it's not worth it.  I was already living a pretty healthy life and was content with my weight.  But unprocessed my life is so much better.  Our entire household is more level emotionally and physically.  We're sleeping better, connecting better, have more energy, are in better shape physically and stay full longer.  We're more satisfied.  So while I wish it had never happened and I didn't have to take medications from here on out.  I can say a lot of good has come out of it.

However, I look forward in fear and excitement towards my appointment.  Excitement because I'm hoping he tells me I don't need to take as many medications.  Fear because I'm afraid he'll say I need to stay on them. Excitement because if I don't need to take as many medications...maybe we can plan for more Superheroes in the future or at least open up the discussion.   At this point we've put it on the back burner and it's not even an option.  Part of our dreams are on hold because of my health.

I guess my point of this post is don't let a crisis be the catalyst for starting to get healthy.  Sometimes dreams slip away because we don't act in the now.  It's easy to look to the past and say..."I used to be...".  Or look to the future and say... "One day I'll get there...".  But if we're not living in the NOW and doing everything we can to be healthy in this moment...then we're not truly living.  We'll make mistakes.  But the cool thing is that mistakes instantly become part of the past and we can start again.  God had a better plan for me and my family and by living in the NOW and trusting Him with my past and future I'm finally learning to truly live.

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