Friday, November 9, 2012

Remember to Laugh

Sometimes you have to remind yourself to laugh.  My boys give me opportunities for laughter daily.  It's up to me to notice them and take advantage of those moments.  So here is a little post... a little glimpse into our world.  A reminder that even though you could freak out about some might not be worth it.  Instead...write it down in your quote book that you keep of favorite stories you get from your kids (I have one on my counter)...then laugh...perhaps with them...perhaps quietly.  But remember to laugh.

Superhero #2:  Ahhh...fresh wa-wa.  Mama...I got myself wa-wa.

Me:  Did you get yourself water buddy!?  That's great! that the cup from the tub?  Did you get the water from the sink?

Superhero #2:  No...the toilet.

So my choices for reaction are to:
  • freak out
  • say nothing and move on with my day
  • explain calmly why toilet water isn't fresh
I picked the third choice and then wrote down what happened in his quote book.  For the record, his pediatrician heard the story and said he'll live.  Oh...and the toilet had been flushed so he didn't get any extra goodness with his drink.

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