Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wisdom from my Superheroes...

My Superheroes share a bedroom and every night we cuddle up in our Lazyboy recliner in their bedroom to read books.  On nights when they aren't so tired or it isn't very late, we read several books.  More often than not they're pretty wiped out at the end of the day and the oldest asks if we can just read our Bible stories and then go to sleep.  I have one book for the 4 year old and another for the 2 year old.  If possible, I try to read the same story twice to reinforce it and retell it in 2 different ways.  We always make time for our Bible stories and they always seem to enjoy them and have questions.

One day last week, I had been particularly busy.  I was trying to catch up on cleaning, cooking, emails, etc.  It just felt like I was running behind and I didn't give my kids as much attention as they deserved.  I'm sure part of it was the busy pace of life.  Another part might have been my head cold and having 2 kids fighting the same thing.  It still doesn't excuse me not being in the moment with them and enjoying them like I should.

So that night, we settled into our chair with our blankies and stuffed animals.  I was so excited to finally get some time to myself and see the "finish line" in my day of being a mama.  The story in our Jesus Storybook Bible that night was about Matthew 19:14 from the Bible.  Jesus had been busy that day.  A typical day in the life of Our Saviour.  He'd been healing people and the disciples were arguing over who was the most important to Him.  Some little kids were brought over to him and the disciples were upset claiming he's too busy.  But Jesus said,  "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." So we talked about that in our cozy little Lazyboy recliner.  We talked about how we thought Jesus would react if they ran up to Him.  Did they think He'd shoo them away and tell them to be quiet and wait? Or would He grab them in a big ole bear hug, spin them around, kiss them and ask what was on their mind?  And I do believe God spoke to my heart to remind me that I should never be too busy to enjoy and love on my kids.  It was a humbling time as I sat there smelling their sweaty, tired boy heads in their cozy fleece rocketship pajamas.  I told Superhero #1 that I thought Jesus was telling me to spend more time with them since they're the most important ones around.  He smiled.  The next day when I got busy he reminded me that Jesus wanted me to play.  And you know what?  That's just what I did.


  1. You are a good mom :) I love that Bible too, we read from that one a lot at our house.

  2. Thanks...on the challenging days you wonder but then I have moments like this and I'm filled with joy.