Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Value of You

I am a person who finds it easy to defend and protect friends and family but harder to stand up and take care of myself.  So last week was God's little way of reminding me that "I'm worth it."  I had some health issues last week with hemorrhaging due to blood thinners.  I immediately called my cardiologist and the medical assistant didn't get back to me.  She actually argued with me over the phone saying it wasn't a heart issue.  So I called my primary doctor and she immediately called back and responded with the appropriate medication for the situation.  I confirmed it all with the pharmacist to make sure there were no drug interactions that would impact my stent and then I worked on my recovery.

So last week, I had to live slowly again.  I had to live intentionally.  It was hard to focus and I lacked the energy to be my normal self.  Thankfully, my hubby loved and supported me in this.  Thankfully, my kids are forgiving when I can't wrestle and chase them like normal.  Thankfully, I have a primary doctor who cares.  I had to forgo my workouts for an entire week which was difficult.  I had to sleep in.    I had to eat a ton of red meat.  I read more books with my superheroes and let the house be messier.  I had to let some things go...cleanliness and ornate meals was one of them.  We still stuck to our normal eating but had more crock pot meals.

Through it all I found some direction too.  I was contacted by a cardiologist I had visited for a second opinion.  He spoke on the phone with me in some length and I realized that I deserved and wanted a doctor who saw me as a person and not just a number.  That's why I chose and have stayed with my primary care doctor and that's why I was so frustrated with the other cardiologist's office.  I was reminded that I need to advocate for myself in all areas.

I know that as grown ups we intrinsically know that we're our own advocates.  But sometimes that is lost in the mentality of martyrdom, the busy pace of life, depression, or any other variety of things.  So today, unfortunately, I don't have a list of recipes.  I just have a reminder to take care of you.  You're worth it.

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