Friday, October 26, 2012

Playing Soccer in the House

Sometimes you need to break the rules.  That's one thing I've learned through the heart attack.  Sometimes you need to just live.  You need to ask yourself if what you're about to say no or yes to is really going to matter in 10 years, 15 years, 20 years?  I expect respect from my boys.  They help me clean up some of their toys daily but not all of them.  Not yet anyway. :-) We don't yell.  No put-downs. No name calling, etc.  With that being said we do let loose too.

Superhero #1 didn't have a fever today so I decided it was time to play.  He was so happy and he came around the corner of the living room in the morning with a soft ball that he was dribbling with his feet. So we played soccer in the house.  Mind you we didn't have true soccer balls but we still got a bit wild. The piano bench was one goal and the legs of the kitchen table was the other goal.  We dribbled it back and forth and took turns being goalie and we laughed.  We laughed so hard I though for sure one of them was going to wet themselves.  It was the pure, unrestrained laughter of kids having fun and being free to be themselves.

So while I may have bounced a ball at one point and lightly hit the t.v. (oops).  Nothing was harmed and I didn't have to go in time-out (although they both thought it was funny when I suggested it.)  Instead we played until they were sweaty and laughing and we made a memory that will last.  This time passes too quickly and while I'm beginning to believe I'll be around for awhile...I still don't want to miss out on any opportunity to have fun.  Today was a good reminder to take the time to have fun.

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